Have you ever swapped for a new one in your old mattress? Several of us use our mattresses well past their specified lifespan. But when you contemplate all the absorption of your mattress throughout the times, you force dash to a new retailer. Your mattress may quadruple in weight in only ten years because you gather steam, peel cells, dust parasites, and other trash. Check out our innovative applications for your old mattress for more inspiration.

It’s For Sale

If you’re searching for a way to make some extra money, try selling your mattress. In this scenario, you’ll want to get your mattress professionally cleaned. After that, post your bedding on or a similar site. Please add a photo of your mattress that is clean and stain-free, as well as a thorough description of how it has been cleaned and maintained to attract the most customers.

Additionally, you should provide:

The brand.

  • A description of the mattress’s firmness and other characteristics.
  • The amount you paid for it.

Although you will never recoup the cost of the mattress, this helps establish the validity of your post. A thrift store in your neighborhood may also purchase your gently used mattress. Conduct an internet search for businesses and contact ahead to make them sell mattresses.

Contribute to a Pet Rescue Organization

Not only humans may profit from old mattresses. Along with homeless shelters, you may wish to check with local animal shelters. They may use your old mattress to house rescued animals awaiting adoption. Additionally, doggie daycare or a similar organization may be interested in your old mattress. Make a few phone calls to see who would be willing to take it off your palms.

Alternatively, you may channel your inner artist and turn your mattress into a throne. Creature shelters have sought armchairs following the viral footage of a dog sitting on one of the plush seats. But, again, before giving, you must have the mattress adequately cleaned. 

Give It

Giving away your best mattresses is one of the simplest ways to repurpose them and keep them out of the garbage. You might be amazed at how many people are looking for a free mattress. Speak with your friends, coworkers, nieces, and nephews who are about to enter college or recent grads, or even post a notice on the community bulletin board at your apartment or condo complex or on a website like Nextdoor or Freecycle. The possibilities for receivers are limitless. Offer your gently used mattress for free in exchange for the new owner collecting it from your home. If you cannot think of anyone interested in a free mattress, you can turn a recycler. 

Disassemble and Utilize the Components

If you’re handy, you might disassemble your old mattress yourself rather than bringing it to a recycling center. Numerous components make up a mattress that may be beneficial to you. If you are a sewer or seamstress, you may be interested in the mattress’s buttons or fabric.